The Chocolate Pointed Siamese Cat Club

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History and aims.

The club was founded in 1954 to promote the welfare and breeding of the Chocolate Pointed Siamese Cat as a breed in its own right. Chocolate Points had occurred in litters of Seal Point Siamese since the early days of breeding but had been dismissed as bad Seals - and registered as such. A group of enthusiasts took up the challenge, laid down a standard for Chocolates, emphasising that milk chocolate points were the aim, and the breed was launched.

Today the club still strives to follow these earlier aspirations, but has broadened its scope to cover all aspects of the Chocolate Point from pet ownership and welfare, to breeding and exhibiting. The club, through its officers and members, provides a means by which those interested in and wishing to learn about the breed can meet, discuss mutual interests, exchange information and enjoy occasional social gatherings. Advice and guidance on all matters concerning Chocolates (or any Siamese) is freely available, with the emphasis on welfare and a better understanding of the Siamese Cat.

Gr Ch Chaiross Androcles

Breeder - Mr Ross Mort-Williams


If you are looking to add a Siamese kitten to your family then we recommend you get your kitten from an experienced breeder that registers their kittens with the GCCF. You may be able to find Siamese kittens for sale on the Siamese Cat Breeder website.